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Accessibility implementation can often be challenging, especially across large organizations such as municipalities, medical centers, retail chains, banks and others. Global Ramp provides a holistic consultancy service from the very first step on how to provide an accessible environment for all your customers and residents.

Based on the long-term experience of Access Israel NGO consulting model, "An Accessible Organization for All", we would help you put together all the pieces of the accessibility implementation process. 

Our consultation model considers all the main verticals of the Organizational Accessibility Implementation:

 Built Environment Accessibility 


Using the most innovative and advanced built environment accessibility evaluation tool in the market today, the A-Check App, we provide a professional access audit, fully customized according to your needs and local regulations. Upon the access audit, we will together determine goals, milestones and the estimated budget. During the process, we will be escorting your architects and designers, making sure that the built environment accessibility is being implemented by the principles of Universal Design and the Accessibility Sequence.

 Accessibility of Services 


Full Implementation of accessibility at your organizational DNA across all different levels, including:

  • Implementation Plan - Planning an efficient and wide organizational Accessibility Implementation Plan determining goals, milestones and an estimated budget.

  • One-on-One Meetings - With each department in your the organization, making sure that the accessibility process is being implemented across all different levels of the organization as decided upon: HR, customer service, procurement, regulation, marketing, construction etc.

  • Long term guidance - Of the Organizational Accessibility Coordinator/Officer, including personal training, practical tools, professional materials, presentations & more. 

  • Dealing with different organizational aspects - Such as emergency procedures, procurement, telecommunications, events, employment, CSR and more.

  • Immediate response - To any request or complaint regarding customers with disabilities/elderly population/general accessibility.

  • Customized training plan - For your service providers on how to provide an accessible service for all, by the modula of the "Human Ramp".

 Digital Accessibility  

Digital accessibility is the ability of a website, mobile application or electronic document to be easily navigated and understood by a wide range of users, including those users who have visual, auditory, motor or cognitive disabilities. Our digital accessibility consultants will work closely with your Digital/IT making sure all your digital content is fully accessible to the variety of customers and needs. 


Meet Our Consulting Team

Or Cohen | Founder of Global Ramp and an Organizational Accessibility Implementation Specialist 

Or Cohen ►



Founder of Global Ramp & Organizational Accessibility Implementation Consultant 


Omer Lubelski | Built Environment Accessibility Specialist    ​

Omer Lubelski ►



Built Environment Accessibility Specialist  


Kristine France | Built Environment Accessibility Specialist

Kristine France ►



Built Environment Accessibility & Universal Design Expert


Ricardo Garcia Bahamonde | Digital Accessibility Specialist & Strategic Consultant

Ricardo Garcia Bahamonde ►


Digital Accessibility Specialist & Strategic Consultant


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