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The world is progressing to an era in which cities, public services and technologies are obligated to become accessible for all, and especially for people with disabilities and the elderly population.

Gradually, more and more countries are adopting regulations of accessibility, often without having all that is needed to implement this wide-range and complicated process in a way that will be efficient, cost-effective and most important – will provide an inclusive response to the variety of disabilities and needs.

Global Ramp, associated with Access Israel NGO, was born after understanding the challenges organizations are facing worldwide in becoming fully accessible. For that reason, we developed a unique consulting and project management model, based on the vast experience gained by ourselves, and our associates in the implementation of accessibility in Israel and globally. 

About Us

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Or Cohen, Global Ramp's Founder

As a son of a father with a severe mobility disability, and as a nephew to an aunt with a severe cognitive disability, Or live and breathe the spirit of inclusion and equality of Persons with Disabilities since childhood. From that same spirit, Or founded Global Ramp, in order to contribute from his experience in making accessibility accessible for all. As an Organizational Accessibility Consultant, Or is a passionate and committed advocate about helping various organizations worldwide building and implementing a DNA of Accessibility in all different levels and verticals. 

Or is a frequent speaker in the fields of Accessibility, Inclusive Employment and Assistive Tech in different conferences and events in Israel and abroad, an Autherized Accessibility Consultant by the Israeli Ministry of Welfare, an IAAP  Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) and holds an MA in Diplomacy Studies from Tel-Aviv University.

Razi & Or Cohen, Global Ramp's Founder

Why implement  Accessibility  at Your Organization?

  • Accessible=Profitable. More than 15% of the world’s population is considered to be with some form of disability, and more than 10% belong to the Elderly Population. The more accessible you are - your market potential increases!

  • Implementation of accessibility at your organization insures a higher standard of service for all.

  • Becoming more accessible makes you socially-oriented, providing a more positive perception from your customers and strengthening your CSR (Cooperative Social Responsibility). 

  • Stand in line with the regulatory demands.

  • Take part in the revolutionary ever-growing international trend.  

Why Work with Us?


  • We possess a long-term practical experience in the implementation of accessibility across hundreds of organizations throughout different sectors.

  • We know how to establish a DNA of accessibility for your organization, that will be long-lasting and stable.   

  • Proven business-oriented model.

  • Full customization to YOUR organizational needs.

  • We work with the most innovative solutions, from Israel and abroad.

  • We offer a free-of-charge presentation for the management team, in order to clarify what it means to be a fully accessible organization.

Accessibility is 
a Win-Win for All!
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