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In addition, for more complexed projects as in municipalities, we have developed the A-check 360. Using a panoramic 3D photo system, we can cover a vast geographic and urban areas to measure the accessibility gaps, and enabling in minutes to get a digital access audit report in a variety of formats as GIS Map, Excel, PDF and Word.


Today the system is being used in hundreds of venues across Israel, the United States, Europe, Brazil and Chile.  



The A-Check App is a business-oriented system, created to enable an innovative standard tool that compares the actual accessibility level with the regulatory demands of each country or sector, and customized specifically to your organization needs. The system enables an easy and intuitive conduction of accessibility audits in all properties- indoor and outdoor, examining the gap between the actual given situation and the regulatory requirements, and provides relevant recommendations and costs.


A-Check by Tamar Accessibility

A-Check 360 English V21

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