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Second A-check webinar- The Future of Accessibility Evaluation & Implementation

We are very glad to invite you to the second A-check webinar- The Future of Accessibility Evaluation & Implementation, that will

take place on next Wednesday, the 6th of May, 5pm Israel local time (GMT+3) via Zoom platform.

What is A-check?

The A-Check App is a business-oriented system, created to enable an innovative standard tool that compares the actual accessibility level with the regulatory demands of each country or sector, and customized specifically to the organization needs.

Workshop Schedule

00:00 - Introduction - Omer Lubelski, A-check Founder 00:10 - Product overview - Anton Ayzenberg, A-Check CTO 00:25 - Managing accessibility with the A-check system - Or Cohen, Global Ramp CEO 00:35 - Accessibility audits using the A-check - University of San Leopaldo, Brazil- Luis Mauch Ktalise CEO 00:45 - Future of A-Check - Omer Lubelski 00:50 - Q&A Registration Link can be found here:

*If any Accessibility Adjustments required, please mention them at the registration form.

Image description: A-check webinar invitation presenting the list of speakers followed with images of each of them. In the bottom part are different platforms that the system can be used at as mobile and tablet, and the companies logos.


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