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Promoting Accessibility in River Plate Football Club (5.6.2019)

Well, even though our intenetion was to post one inclusive post regarding all the incredeble meetings we had so far, a meeting as we had now worth it's own post..

You don't need to be a crazy football fan ( and we are probably the far end of that ) in order to get excited as a child when you stepping into the huge stadium of the best football club in Argentina, and probably one of the best in the world- River Plate!

It is even more exciting to hear from the club managers how much have been invested in Accessibility, in such level that the club has it's own office providing service for fans with disabilties ("River without Barriers").

Without getting to much into details, good things are own the way...for even more Accessible & Inclusive football club 😉 Go River!!!

Image Description: Group picture of Or who is standing and Erich, seating on a wheelchair, both from Global Ramp's team, with two of River Plates management team, all facing the camera. Behind them on the wall is the logo of River Plate.


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