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Global Ramp is attending the Global Disability Summit 2019 in Argentina (9.6.2019)

We are extremely proud to have taken part in the Global Disability Summit in Argentina.

At the conference, we had the privilege to present several inspiring Israeli organizations and companies in the field of Accessibility and Inclusion including Access Israel, A-check, Equelweb and Step-Hear

In addition, as part of the conference we presented Global Ramp's Accessibility Implementation Model, and met with partners from several organizations and NGO'S in Latin America, discussing potential collaborations. Just before all ends, we were extremely honored to be invited to the closing event lead by the remarkable Vice President of Argentina, Mrs. Gabriela Michetti.

Next Stop from here- Ireland!

Image Description: Our booth at the summit, including the experiential Accessibility Trail, that enables participants to experience the world of Persons with Disabilities. The Accessibility Trail includes a path with obstacles where you can experience the challenges Persons with Disabilties are facing either using a wheelchair or being blindfolded.

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