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Heading Towards an 

Accessible  World!

Our Accessibility Implementation Model


Global Ramp’s solutions are fit for businesses, governmental and non-profit organizations.
Employing our unique consulting and project management model, we would help you put together all the pieces of the accessibility implementation process and establish a DNA of accessibility at your organization, enabling it to become fully accessible.

Each stage could be fully customizable according to your needs and can also be employed as a stand-alone solution, in case you wish to do so.

The 360°

 for Accessibility Implementation

Accessibility Implementation Model

The Israeli Assistive

Technologies Ecosystem

The A-check

App for Accessibility Surveys

Target Audience

Global Market Potential


Global Market Potential 25%

 Persons with Disabilities 

 Elderly Population 

Accessible = Profitable


Join Us as a Partner in the  Accessibility  Revolution

About Global Ramp

Global Ramp was founded after understanding the challenges organizations worldwide are facing in the implementation process of accessibility.      


In Global Ramp, associated with Access Israel NGO,

we are aiming to provide innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions for any organization who wishes to implement accessibility in an all-inclusive way.

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